Teenagers face life-threatening charges for ramming a Garda patrol car

Teenagers face life-threatening charges for ramming a Garda patrol car

A trial in Ireland has been upgraded to the endangerment of life due to the repeated ramming of a Garda patrol car.

The pair, aged 15 and 16, have been charged with creating the risk of death or serious harm by intentionally ramming stolen cars into the Garda vehicle on the evening of September 19th 2022.

The Dublin Children's Court heard that the two officers' patrol car was rammed three times after they responded to a report about joyriders. It also recommended that the two defendants should face trial in a higher court with broader sentencing powers.

Video footage of this incident went viral on social media. Five arrests were made in October, the investigation has led to a group of teenage boys being charged.

The 16-year-old was accused of unlawful use of a stolen car at Cedarbrook Avenue and using or being a passenger in another stolen car on the same date. The juvenile was also charged with dangerous driving at Cherry Orchard Avenue and criminal damage to the Garda car.

Charge 1 - Stolen car

A 15-year-old boy is charged with breaking the law when in a stolen car during dangerous driving and damaging a garda car.

Detective Garda Ronan Coffey charged him with a single count of endangering the lives of the two officers in the same manner. The DPP recommended they face trial on indictment in the Circuit Court, but they can ask for their cases to stay in the Children's Court Judge Michele Finan noted the DPP's request and ordered a preliminary hearing in July to decide their trial venue. She directed the disclosure of prosecution evidence to the defendants' lawyers

The defence can make submissions under Section 75 of the Children Act 1975, citing the age and maturity of defendants and any other relevant factors. The third boy who was involved in this incident has been charged with being a passenger in two stolen cars. The judge stated that he would accept jurisdiction for this case, so it will stay in the Children's Court.

Charge 2 - Rammed

Detective Garda Michael McNulty said that after responding to a report of joyriders, two female gardaí were "rammed" by two stolen Toyotas. The cars had been stolen within the previous 48 hours and were driven dangerously on the date of the incident.

"Detective McNulty alleged that these three boys were in the backseat and that one of them was a passenger," Judge Finan said. "The three will be in court together again next month." The parents of each youth accompanied them to court and the cases were called separately.

The teens remain silent throughout their proceedings. They must attend a school or attend the Bail Programmes, and two must stay out of the Ballyfermot area. The court has restricted them from communicating with one another and warned them not to drive any automobile. Should they continue to break the terms of their bail, they risk being taken into custody.

Until the age of 18, the law has a right to keep criminals anonymous. Two other boys, in this case, avoided criminal prosecution by taking part in one of the Garda's diversion programmes earlier.