Twitter Starts Removing Blue Ticks: What will it Cost Users to ‘Verify’ Now

Twitter Starts Removing Blue Ticks: What will it Cost Users to ‘Verify’ Now

Legacy blue ticks are being removed from Twitter as the social media giant continues its attempt to get more users to sign up for Twitter Blue.

Twitter Verified said on Twitter that historically verified checkmarks would be withdrawn from the site on April 20th, with the primary option to receive a blue tick being to join up for Twitter Blue, which costs €8 per month for individuals in Ireland.

The legacy checkmarks began to vanish by the close of Thursday.

Cristiano Ronaldo Twitter

Some more prominent accounts that have lost their ticks include footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, former US President Donald Trump, and the Pope's official Twitter profile.

Many other users who had lost ticks expressed their grief, tweeting "My blue tick has passed away" and "RIP to my blue tick."

To add to the confusion, several significant accounts, like Barack Obama's personal page, seemed to keep their ticks when connected to a verified organization.

Twitter Verified Organizations allows organizations of "all types," such as enterprises, non-profit organisations, and government agencies, to sign up for and manage their verification, as well as associate and verify any linked account.

However, the monthly subscription fee is £950.

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