What are the updates regarding M28?

What are the updates regarding M28?

Taking a meandering route through the south of Cork City, the N28 is a humble country road with larger ambitions. This roadway offers a gateway between the Cork Southern Ring Road (N40) and the port of Ringaskiddy, which is significantly important to Ireland's pharmaceutical sector.

The road has experienced rising pressure from truck transportation from the port over time, as well as the growth of suburbs alongside it.

It is expected that freight traffic will see a major surge over the next few years as An Bord Pleanala has allowed the port of Cork at Tivoli docks to expand its operations in May 2015.

Due to its proximity to the estuary, the new location allows for the efficient handling of large ships carrying containers. The transition is set to be finished by the end of 2018.

In 2014, it was announced on this website that the N28 had been recognized by the EU as a Trans-European Network route. This designation made it eligible for funding and necessary upgrades so that its quality would improve.

Although it was uncertain in the beginning, at the end of 2015 it was announced that a new initiative would upgrade the existing road to motorway standards.

A new single-carriageway will be built to provide access to a Motorway Services Area at the port. This section will only be a short one. See the map below for details.

Updates as of 12/07/2019:

An Bord Pleanala is expected to announce its planning decision in the third quarter of 2021.

Updates as of 22/11/2020:

The M28 Steering Group, a local residents' organization, has taken a number of legal actions against this scheme. In December 2019, they took action against the planning permission it received from An Bord Pleanala in June 2018. The High Court's decision has been denied to reach the Court of Appeal. Although the applicants have stated their intention to apply for a Supreme Court hearing, they would need to meet a stringent legal requirement in order to do this. It appears that the project can now advance without any obstructions.

Updates as of 04/03/2021:

The green light has been given for the project to start as the Examiner has closed all the legal cases & denied all further appeals. Construction is expected to begin in 2024, so get ready!

Updates as of 27/03/2022:

The Port- Carr's Hill is having an interesting drone update labelled 3rd April 2022. It looks like the topsoil is being stripped away, possibly for archaeology or to assess the ground conditions. A lot of pylons will clearly have to be moved.

Updates as of 30/06/2022:

The M28 Ringaskiddy Motorway project recently released a video demonstrating the preparation for its construction. The first 30 seconds show the topsoil that has been removed and then archaeological trenches can be seen being dug. Archaeologists have to dig under the ground to check for ancient artefacts or structures. By 2:09 PM, a new road will be built that will go between a housing development and a roundabout located north of Carrigaline. The video comes to an end prior to the new N28 road merging with the already widened Maryborough Ridge. The main part of this construction is estimated to begin in 2024.

Updates as of 07/10/2022:

This amazing drone video provides a glimpse into the archaeological work done for this project – uncovering test trenches, constructing protection fences and rearranging utilities. The scheme is proceeding as planned and is slated to begin in 2024.