Which is the Luckiest Village in Ireland and Why?

Which is the Luckiest Village in Ireland and Why?

Why Duleek is called the Luckiest Village in Ireland?

It is highly unlikely that two people from a small, quiet Irish village would win the lottery as the chances of it happening are slim. Pretty good, it seems.

Contrary to the common belief that lightning can't hit the same place twice, a small Irish town called Duleek in County Meath experienced lightning striking it more than once.

In metaphorical terms, yes.

Amazingly, two massive Irish Lotto jackpots were won in the span of just six months - both from tickets sold within a short distance of each other.

There was a huge win for one lucky person at Shane Bowe's Eurospar store recently. Their ticket bought them an incredible €3.9m (£3.4m)!

He proudly referred to the recent big win as "the cherry on top" of his taking over the business last year. On Monday, people were talking around town when they got a phone call saying that one of their tickets had won. The thrill was extraordinary.

Mr Bowe, who employs 30 people from the local area, has stated that recently winning has created a "feel-good atmosphere and an enjoyable time" for the last couple of days.

He points out that all news outlets are touting this village as being the luckiest in Ireland, so everyone should get their tickets there immediately.

Last year, a Londis store in Seamus Lowthe was the location of an incredibly lucky purchase - a winning lottery ticket worth €8.9m (£7.8m)! The winning family were none other than Kathleen Sheridan and her husband from north Dublin and Duleek respectively.

In 2019, a winning group from Ireland made history with the biggest lottery payout so far in the country - € 175 million (£ 154 million) in EuroMillions.

Her sister-in-law from Duleek was lucky enough to win a whooping £600,000 in a lottery back in the late 80's.

Is it something in the Duleek’s water?

Aidan Coleman, who runs the village's coffee shop and off-licence, stated to BBC News NI that Duleek's locals are absolutely thrilled about their new-found luckiness and the fame that comes along with it.

He conveyed that the traditional hamlet, with a population of approximately 4,000 individuals, has experienced a surge in growth over the last few years and residents are friendly by nature.

Mr Coleman's fortune had been smiling as of late, being a part of the local lottery syndicate that recently won €20,000 and divided it among its 10 members.

He remarks there is an abundance of success in this area, and alludes to something special being in the water. Those who have earned the prize have displayed great restraint and used it in a practical way, instead of squandering it recklessly.

With its unique and rich Irish heritage, Duleek is just a stone's throw away from Newgrange - a world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's the perfect place to explore and immerse yourself in the culture of Ireland.

The village is named after 'Daimh Liag', which is an Irish term for 'House of Stones'. According to folklore, the first stone church in Ireland was built here which adds to the history & significance of this place. It is believed St. Patrick initiated the setting up of a bishopric in this village in 450 AD and entrusted its care to St Cianán.

April 2014 marked a significant event in Irish history – the resting place of High King Brian Borù and his son is widely believed to have been in County Armagh before they were transported for their burial.

St Mary's Abbey, a 12th Century medieval monastery, has been given national monument status due to its ruins being well-preserved. This site is of immense historical & cultural importance.

In recent times, it is the lottery wins that have attracted the most interest from Duleek.

Travelling fanatics Megan McManus and Brooke Errles are back in Duleek for a family reunion after their incredible jaunt through Greece, France, Spain and Italy.

Megan noted that whenever she returns, somebody has already won the lottery. It's quite surprising to see such an incredible outcome like winning the lottery come out of a small village. It really is something remarkable to witness.