Why do your car needs an Immobiliser?

Why do your car needs an Immobiliser?

Keyless car theft is a crime that is happening more & more frequently all over Ireland. Thieves partner up in order to access your vehicle by interrupting the signal emitted between your key and vehicle. It has become essential to upgrade the security of your car. Car alarms and Immobilisers play a vital role in improving vehicle security. There are a lot of Japanese import cars available at an attractive price, however, they lack an immobiliser.

What is a Car Immobiliser?

Automobiles can be broken into by anyone and it's always best to take the necessary precautionary measures. Immobilisers are electronic devices that are installed to ensure that the engines can only start with your key.

The three main components that make a car start are the ignition, the fuel system, and the starter motor. When either one of these parts is disabled then the car can't start. An immobiliser works by disabling at least two of them. This improves the car's security.

Your car key sends a unique code to the electronic control unit (ECU), which also has the same code. When these two codes match each other, the immobiliser understands the key is right and your vehicle starts. So, when someone creates a fake key and imitates starts the vehicles, the key code doesn’t match with the ECU code - this makes the immobiliser kick.

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How do you know if your car has an Immobiliser installed?

Your car's handbook should have all the information if your has a factory-installed immobiliser. Another option is to call a nearby auto centre for more information.

If you are buying a used vehicle, then it's possible that the previous owner might have disabled or removed the immobiliser. On the flip side, there are changes if the handbook doesn’t say anything about an immobiliser, the owner might have installed one.

To check it manually most cars show a symbol like an ignition key. This key icon should go off within 2 seconds ECU code matches with the key.

If there is no indication of an immobiliser installed, ask your dealer to install one before you complete your vehicle purchase.

What is the Price of a Car Immobiliser?

An immobiliser may cost somewhere between €350 to €500 depending on your vehicle. There are cheaper alternatives available on online stores like Amazon or eBay. However, it would be ideal to consult your mechanic for more information.

Will an immobiliser lower my car insurance premium?

Having an immobiliser in your car means you will be safer, less likely to have it stolen and will be charged a fairer premium by the insurance provider like, or This is great because it more than makes up for the worry of having an unsafe vehicle. With an immobiliser that is factory-fitted, you can cover yourself with a high insurance and Thatcham rating.

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