Woman (50s) released without charge in the Kerry Babies Case

Woman (50s) released without charge in the Kerry Babies Case

After extensive investigation, the female aged 50+ that was taken into custody in association with the Kerry babies case was released without formal charges. The relevant records and evidence will now be sent for review to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A male in his 60s was apprehended on Thursday evening regarding the same inquiry and is still in Garda custody. He may be held up to a day's time.

In connection with the finding of the body of a baby male in White Strand, Caherciveen, Co Kerry in April 1984, two individuals were arrested.

Baby John gained notoriety when he was found with multiple stab wounds. Subsequently, a suspect was apprehended in south Kerry, reportedly from the local area.

Since 2018, the Gardaí in the Kerry Division and the Garda Serious Crime Review Team have been carrying out a thorough investigation into the passing of Baby John. There have been numerous interviews conducted and more than 560 strategies pursued to get to the bottom of this case.

On the 16th of January 2018, Ireland’s police force (Gardaí) revealed that they were conducting an investigation into the death of Baby John, which came right after they made a public apology to Joanne Hayes who had been falsely implicated in his death.

On April 13th, 1984, Ms Hayes gave birth to a son, Shane, on their family farm. Unfortunately, he passed away from natural causes and was laid to rest on the same grounds.

In May of 1984, Ms Hayes faced charges related to the death of 'Baby John'. Fortunately, these allegations were dropped in October of that year. She consistently declared her innocence and backed up her claims with DNA tests that showed she had no affiliation with the White Strand infant.