Youths attacked Police officers at the Belfast Peace Wall

Youths attacked Police officers at the Belfast Peace Wall
Source: Google Maps

Youths have caused damage and attacked police officers at a peace wall in Belfast. A 16-year-old was arrested by police on the suspicion of causing criminal damage near the Lanark Way gates in the Springfield Road area.

The teenager was granted police bail and is awaiting further investigation.

West Belfast Area Commander Chief Inspector Pete Brannigan has stressed the importance of young people and their parents understanding the consequences. He urges them to be mindful of their actions and recognize the impact they could have.

At approximately 5.20 PM on Thursday, Police officers noticed individuals carrying glass bottles in the Springfield Road vicinity.

A group of young people were in the Colinview Street area and threw objects at police officers shortly after their arrival. Subsequently, they threw the bottles at the Police officers.

The gates at Lanark Way were shut down promptly at 7:30 PM without any further disorder issues being reported.

The Lanark Way area witnessed numerous nights of violence in 2021, with a car being forced through the gates located between the predominantly Protestant/Unionist Shankill Road & Catholic/Nationalist Springfield Road.

A woman walks her dog through the gates at Lanark Way that separates the two communities. Picture by Peter Morrison